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How to change ssh port on CentOS 7

Recently one of our server has welcomed us with ugly messages like: Last failed login: Fri Aug 22 19:31:42 CEST 2014 from on ssh:notty There were 17307 failed login attempts since the last successful login. Last login: Wed Aug

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Backing-up your most valuable Data

In this previous post you found instructions, how to setup a USB-stick to contain an additional hidden encrypted partition to store valuable data on. Here you learn how to use your secured USB-stick and backing-up your most valuable data, based

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Data Security without the Cloud

This post shows a simple solution to backup your most valuable documents on a USB-Stick in an hidden and encrypted form, such that the data is not easily recognizable and accessible for unauthorized users. Users connecting the Stick would just

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Cloud or no Cloud, that’s the question!

This post is about the question, wheter or not you should use cloud services in order to backup your data. Compared to traditional backup solutions using hard drives there are lots of advantages you win when going for a cloud

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