WLAN dead after Microsoft Windows System Updates

This post is for the minority of users, whose netbook’s WLAN facility has been killed by an automatic Microsoft* update and who still have a chance accessing the internet – i.e. by using a Linux-based device – to search for a fix. If you just found your WLAN dead after Microsoft Windows* System Updates, you might want to read on.

 Malicious Microsoft Windows Updates

Malicious Microsoft Windows Updates


Just half an hour ago I agreed to let Windows 7* install the proposed System Updates. After rebooting my SAMSUNG Ativ Book 940X3G**, WLAN connection failed. All there was shown with the WLAN-Icon: “limited Network access”. The self-diagnostic didn’t come up with a ‘solution’, all other Laptops (not running Windows*) kept working and connecting wherever I wanted them to. Then I checked the recently installed Microsoft* Updates:

  • KB2981580
  • KB2980245 (I think, that’s our evildoer)
  • KB2952664

There were tons of other updates, but these were related to Office* vulnerabilities and the like, so I assumed one of these three to be the cause for the recent destruction of my Laptop’s WLAN-facility. Since there is no information available on Microsoft*’s Sites by today, the best thing to do is to remove all of them and wait, until a fixe’s fix is available.


The solution worked in my configuration, it might be tied to my System (Windows 7 Professional*, 64-Bit, SP1, Automatic Updates installed coming in on August, 28th, 2014) and Laptop (SAMSUNG Ativ Book 940X3G**), just after having installed the presumably corrupt update(s) from Microsoft*. 

CAUTION: If you have newer more recent updates here you possibly might have to find another solution, since soon Microsoft* will fix that fix and so the reason for your WLAN malfunction might be caused by another fix.

1) hit ‘Windows*’-key and enter the search text: ‘View installed updates’.

2) find the entries from August 18th, 2014, named:

  • KB2981580
  • KB2980245
  • KB2952664

3) in my case these updates were the most recent ones installed concerning the ‘Microsoft Windows*’ software-updates group.

4) get rid of them by double-clicking every one of them and confirming the ‘uninstall’-question.

5) restart your machine.

That’s it, your computer should then be again ready to work with.

*MicrosoftWindows und die entsprechendenMicrosoft Produktnamen sind eingetragene Warenzeichen der Microsoft Corporation in den Vereinigten Staaten und/oder in anderen Ländern.
**Samsung Ativ sind Handelsmarken von Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. und kann eine eingetragene oder nicht eingetragene Handelsmarke sein.


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